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Crochet Partners

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Introduction To The World Of Crochet
The word crochet comes from the French word for 'hook' and is a process of using a hook to create fabric from yarn or thread Loops are pulled through other loops, while the thread is wrapped around the hook once or a few times to create different stitches

A Beginner Crochet Project is Easy to Do
Learning to crochet is not difficult, especially if you can learn from someone and watch how they do it There are also many books and videos and online sources of information on the hobby of crocheting

Great crochet instructions can make you a pro fast!
Ask avid crocheters or knitters why you should learn their art and they’ll probably say because it’s the most beautiful and versatile art form. Some say one’s faster; others, more fashionable. Beginner crochet is easy to master and you can use large hooks and yarn which make it easier to do. You need to decide for yourself whether knitting or crocheting is right for you.

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